Stuart, Florida Rental Homes: FAQ’s

Stuart, Florida Rental Homes: FAQ’s

An Interview with a Landlord

While renting a home may be a lot less complicated than buying one, there are still a variety of complications that can arise. Make sure you head into renting with a clear understanding of the lease and the landlord. Below are 6 key questions to ask a prospective landlord. By the way, the landlord will probably have some questions for you, too.

What is the protocol for maintenance issues? Find out the best way to communicate with your landlord regarding maintenance requests and determine the time frame in which you should expect a response. If the landlord can’t clearly answer these questions, that could be a major red flag.

How many have come before me? It’s good to know if the landlord and/or other tenants have lived in the rental unit before you. If the property has had a few other tenants, that’s often a good sign; however, if it’s changed hands dozens of times, that could pose a variety of problems. If tenants move in and out quickly, this could signify an issue with the unit.

Can I make upgrades to the property? In an effort to secure a responsible tenant, some landlords will make upgrades to the rental unit or allow the tenant to make changes. Find out if you can add your own stamp with painting, flooring, landscaping, or appliances, and if so, what procedures are in place for pre-approval.

Is there a regular extermination schedule? Pests are often common problems in rental units. Ask the landlord if an exterminator services the property on a regular basis.

What will utilities cost? Utility expenses need to be factored into your decision-making process and subsequently, your budget. Ask the landlord to provide you with the previous six months of utility bills (water, gas, electric) to help you determine whether or not the rental is affordable.

What are the particular rules and regulations? It doesn’t matter how thoroughly you read your lease (and you should — before signing), because little things can get past you. This also helps you get to know your potential landlord a little better. You’ll learn about their personality and you’ll be able to gauge whether or not you will get along down the road.

Source: Yahoo! Real Estate